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Prayer Request

Community of devotees of Infant Jesus from around the world .... "PRAYING FOR YOU"... ALL ARE WELCOME! A place happens lots of miracles. Prayers are never failed. Visit once or, ask this COMMUNITY to pray for you. The Church/Shrine is opened to all the faithful to honor and glorify the divine Infancy of Jesus. The Little King has been enthroned as the Great King of the world to assist His subjects in their trials, difficulties. He Who Himself has suffered so much desires to assist those who come to Him. He wishes to attract all hearts to Him through the attractiveness and simplicity of His Divine Infancy. Thousands of devotees coming to the Church/Shrine every Thursdays, to honor our LORD.

Here below given links submit your prayers requests. We all members of the team will specially pray for you on every Thursday at the Church. There are three Prayer Group following this Prayer requests and specially praying for you individually.

Please give your NAME and CITY / STATE / COUNTRY bottom of the comments, if possible. (NOT THE ADDRESS). Very anonymous comments/requests will be deleted by the Moderators. The intention of this blog is to share the problems and difficulties among community, specially praying for sick, requesting intersessions to the other faithful etc. In the name of INFANT JESUS. May the Infant Jesus bless you!

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