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Wednesday Eighth Week Ordinary Time

Psalm 56:4: In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?
Prayer …
Heavenly Father, thank you that you are more stable than the ground on which we stand, more lasting than the mountain peaks we admire, and more constant than the waves upon the oceans that we love. We trust our life and our future and soul with you. We want to please you in the way we live. We want our life to be marked by reliable faithfulness to you. In the name of Infant Jesus we ask this prayer. Amen.
Today's Readings (May 30, 2012)
Wednesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time
First Reading: 1 Pt 1:18-25
Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 147:12-13, 14-15, 19-20
Gospel: Mark 10:32-45
Colour: GREEN
Lectionary: 349
Short Reflection on Today's Gospel (Mark 10:32-45)
Jesus used harsh language to explain what kind of sacrifice he had in mind. His disciples must drink his cup if they anticipate reigning with him in his kingdom. The cup Jesus had in mind was a bitter one involving crucifixion. What kind of cup does the Lord have in mind for us? For some disciples such a cup entails physical pain and the suffering struggle of martyrdom. But for many, it involves the long routine of the Christian life, with all its daily sacrifices, disappointments, set-backs, struggles, and enticements. A disciple have to be ready to lay down his or her life in martyrdom and be prepared to lay it down each and every day in the little and big sacrifices necessary. An early church father summed up Jesus' teaching with the expression: to serve is to reign with Christ. We share in God's reign by laying down our lives in modest service as Jesus did for our sake. Are we willing to lay down our life and to serve others as Jesus did?


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