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Friday Sixth Week Ordinary Time

Philippians 1:21: To me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to show us your love and thank you for sending him again soon to take us to you. He is our anchor in the storms of life and our light in the darkest nights prompting us that you love each one of us with an everlasting love. In the name of Infant Jesus, we pray. Amen.
  Today's Readings ... (February 17, 2012)
Friday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time
First Reading: James 2:14-24, 26
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 112:1-2, 3-4, 5-6
Gospel: Mark 8:34 - 9:1
Lectionary: 339
Colour: Green
  Meditation on Today's Gospel: (Mark 8:34 - 9:1)
Jesus addresses some probing questions to challenge our assumptions about what is most commercial and worthwhile. In every resolution of life we are making ourselves a certain kind of person. The kind of person we are, our personality, determines to a large level the kind of future we will face and live. It is probably that some can advance all the things they set their heart on, only to awaken suddenly and discover that they missed the most significant things of all. Of what value are substantial things if they don't help you gain what truly lasts in eternity? Neither money nor properties can buy heaven, mend a broken heart, or cheer a lonely person. Jesus asks the question: What will a person give in interchange for his life? All we have is an out-right gift from God. We owe him all, including our very lives. It's possible to give God what we have, but not ourselves, or to give him lip-service, but not our hearts. A true disciple joyfully gives up all that we have in interchange for an endless life of joy and happiness with God. The joy he offers no grief or loss can diminish. The cross of Christ leads to triumph and freedom from sin and death. Are we ready to lose all for Jesus in order to gain all with Jesus?

Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time


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