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Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop

Heavenly Father, guide us to the places you want us to be, to the ministries in which you want us to serve, and to the people you most want us to touch. Confine our heart to do your work and never let us lose sight of your coming glory. In Infant Jesus' we pray. Amen.
Isaiah 48:17: This is what the Lord says - your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.
  Today's Readings ... (November 04, 2011)
Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop
First Reading: Romans 15:14-21
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 98:1,2-3ab,3cd-4
Gospel: Luke 16:1-8

  Meditation on Today's Gospel: (John 6:37-40)
Jesus thought that the instance of a very clever steward would be a ideal illustration for a spiritual lesson concerning God and how God treats those who belong to his kingdom. What's the point of Jesus’ story? The deceitful steward is commended not for mistreatment his master's wealth, but for his wise provision in prevention of personal disaster and in securing his future livelihood. The original meaning of "shrewdness" is "prudence". A shrewd person grasps a dangerous situation with resolution, forethought, and the determination to avoid grave loss or tragedy. Jesus is worried here with something more dangerous than a financial or monetary crisis. His concern is what we avert spiritual disaster and personal moral disaster through the exercise of faith and forethought. If Christians could only expend as much forethought and energy to spiritual matters which have often eternal consequences as much as they do to earthly matters which have worldly consequences, then they would be truly better off, both in this life and in next age. When the landowner finds out the steward's deceitful practice he immediately take away him from his job, leaving him impoverished and ashamed to beg or do physical work. Before news of his removal from job becomes public knowledge, the shrewd steward hits a deal with his master's debtors. In concession of their debts he perhaps was giving up his liberal commission. Such a deal won him immense favor with the debtors. Since he acted as the landowner's agent, such a deal made his master look very kind and forgiving towards those who possess him money. Surely everybody would praise such a munificent landowner as the hero of the town. Since the master could not undo the steward's cancellation of the debts without losing face and making his debtors dislike him, he praises the warden for outwitting him as a kind and merciful landowner.

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