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Pentecost Sunday

Rom 14:11: It is written, "As surely as I live," says the Lord, "every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.".
  Let us Pray ...
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Heavenly Father, we thank you for saving us. May my expectation of the day of Jesus' victory move us to be your mediator of reconciliation so others are ready for that day and will welcome it with happiness. Give us eyes to see those who need to come to Jesus today. Through him we pray. Amen.
  Today's Readings ... (June 12, 2011)
Pentecost Sunday
First Reading:  Acts 2:1-11
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 104:1, 24, 29-30, 31, 34
Second Reading:  1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13
Gospel: John 20:19-23
  Meditation on Today's Gospel: (John 20:19-23)
The award of Pentecost, the outburst of the Holy Spirit, and the spiritual gifts and blessings of God are completing possible through the death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus. After his resurrection Jesus “breathed” on his disciples and gave them the Holy Spirit. Just as God breathed life into Adam, so the reward of the Holy Spirit is an impartation of “new life” for his people. Jesus knew his disciples would require the power of the Holy Spirit to bring out the mission handed over to them. The gift of the Holy Spirit was conditional upon the ascension of Jesus to the right hand of the Father. That is why Jesus taught the apostles to wait in Jerusalem until you are clothed with power from on high. Why did they require power from on high? Just as Jesus was anointed with the Spirit at the establishment of his ministry at the River Jordan, so the disciples needed the anointing of the Spirit to take out the mission entrusted to them by Jesus. Do we know and understand in our life the gift and power of the Holy Spirit? After his death and resurrection Jesus assured his disciples the gift of the Holy Spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit!
(Tomorrow is Memorial of Saint Anthony of Padua,
priest and doctor of the Church)


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