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His hour had not yet come

Psalm 62:7-8: My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge.
  Let us Pray ...
Heavenly Father, Fortress of our life, we thank you and we praise for you, and glorify your name and we place ourselves in your care. Take charge of our future and use us for your glory. In you we take refuge and on your strength we rely to make our days worthwhile. In the precious name of Infant Jesus we pray. Amen.
  Today's Readings ... (April 08, 2011)
Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent
First Reading:  The Book of Wisdom: 2:1a,12-22
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 34:17-18,19-20,21 and 23
Gospel:  John 7:1-2,10,25-30
  Meditation on Today's Gospel: (John 5:31-47)
Jesus claimed to be in a unique relationship by God and to recognize him as no one else did. To the Jews this was complete blasphemy. The religious authorities did every one they could to put an end to Jesus because they could not believe his claims and the demands he made. Jesus met disagreement and the threat of death with grace and determination to complete his Father’s will. Jesus knew that his task, his purpose in life, would require sacrifice and suffering and conclude with death on the cross. But that would not be the end. His “hour” would squash defeat with victory, condemnation with pardon as well as freedom, and death with glory and everlasting life. No one can be unresponsive with Jesus for long. What he said as well as did – his signs and wonders – he acted in the name of God. Jesus not only claimed to exist the Messiah, God’s Anointed One. We cannot be indifferent to ascertain which Jesus makes on us. We are either for him or beside him. There is no middle ground. We can try to mold Jesus to our own ideas as well as preferences or we can permit his word to free us since our own ignorance, stubborn pride, and deception. Do we accept all that Jesus has told and done for us with faith and reverence or with disbelief and dislike? The cost are enormous, both in this life and in eternity.
(Sunday Homilies - Sermon by Fr Kuriakose)


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