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Take heart, it is I, have no fear

Isaiah 53:3-4: He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he took up our infirmities and he carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted.
  Let us Pray ...
Heavenly Father, God Almighty, your plan to redeem us takes our breath away. Why you chose to take your precious son and expose him to such public disgrace while he was on earth we will never comprehend. But this we do know: you love us with an everlasting love and we will serve you with all of our strength in thanks for his great sacrifice. Thank you for your love. In the name of Infant Jesus, my Lord and Savior, we pray. Amen.
  Today's Readings ... (January 05, 2011)
Memorial of Saint John Neumann, bishop
First Reading:  1 Jn 4:11-18
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 72:1-2, 10, 12-13.
Gospel:  Mark 6:45-52.
  Meditation on Today's Gospel: (Mark 6:45-52.)
Do we rely on the Lord for his power and help? Jesus promises us that we have no need of fear if we trust in Him and in his immense love for us. When disasters and trials threaten to overpower you, how do you react? With horror and panic, or with faith and trust in God's care and presence with you? Aren’t we like the disciples when we understanding trials and hardship? While the Lord may at times appear distant to us, he, nonetheless is continually present at our side. The scripture tells again us that the Lord is a very present help in difficulty. Whatever storms make overwhelmed us, he promises to bring us to our preferred haven. The Lord keeps observe over us at all times, and above all in our moments of attraction and difficulty. When they saw Jesus walking on the water, they thinking he was a evil spirit waiting for their about to happen destruction. Jesus had to calm them with his comforting voice: Take heart, it is I; have no fear. Jesus gave them the bravery to cast their nervousness and fear on him who is Lord of the seas as well as their lives. Scripture tells again us that no fear can go beyond us if we put our trust in God's love and care for us. John the Evangelist tells us that God's love stand for in us and ideal love casts out fear. Does the Lord ever seem remote to you? After the great miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, Jesus sends his disciples left to fend for themselves in the dark of the night while a storm starts to brew on the sea. Although they were experienced fishermen, they were fearful for their lives. The Lord’s sudden accompany on the sea only made them more afraid! Mark says they were frightened, not only because the sea was frightening to drown them.


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