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Infant Jesus church
CNR Smith St and Wellington Rd, Morley,
Riverside TAS 7250, Australia.

very little talk about Infant Jesus church at Morley, Tasmania. This church was dedicated to Infant Jesus. Unlike other part of the world devotion to Infant Jesus is not so popular in Tasmania. But this church bring out exemption the devotion to the King of Child Jesus.

Devotion to the Christ Infant under the title of The Infant Jesus of Prague is one of the most powerful and beloved devotions in the Catholic Church. Here is below giving a story of the miraculous statue in Prague, Bohemia and some of the many favors and blessings granted by the Infant Jesus, as well as the original, Miraculous prayers to venerate Him.

Devotion to the Infant Jesus started with His Mother Mary. As with many of the Jewish people of her time, Mary came to know that the predictions of the ancient Prophets regarding of birth of the Jesus were about to be fulfilled. Upon the Angel Gabriel’s announcements to her, Mary knew that God had chosen her to be the Mother of Jesus. At the moment of the Incarnation, Mary became, in essence, a living carrier the Son of the Most High in her womb compare to a church

During the centuries, however, Jesus has manifested Himself as a Child on many occasions to some of His saints, demonstrating His incredible humility and gentleness and encouraging us, His followers, to approach Him under the guise of a Child, that we may not fear to draw near His tender Heart.
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