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about Church

Feel the presence of Infant Jesus and the Church and Shrine
(video courtesy, gathered from YouTube)

 Here is thousands of devotees feel the presence of Infant Jesus: This is the Shrine inside people move from both side and visit Him offer garlands, money gold etc. another customis to light candle and pray, and offer the candle to Infant Jesus

This is all about the Main church outside and inside view. This church was made newly, which has all the facility, an adoration hall and confession hall also attached to this church building, beside the church there is religious articles, books, etc available
This is the Shrine building, the large area of the front church, devotees can gather without rush, the main entrance of the new church but  always crowded with devotees...
Church inside and outside - The beautiful church made in two stairs.When the church is full the upper stairs (balcony) are allowed devotees sit and participate the prayers and Holy Mass.
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