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About Me

Binoti Basumatary I am , a devotee of Infant Jesus. From my childhood (Nursery) studied in Convent school and stayed convent boarding. After completion of my studies, started my career as teacher in the same convent school. Later I worked many parish schools. All these years I lived with religious personals, and  never came across with Infant Jesus and devotion to Him. In 2001, I came to Bangalore and it was one Wednesday. Next day I submitted my resume to one of the nearest school for job. Since it was a Thursday, My friend took me to Infant Jesus Church Viveknagar, and he told me to light candles and offer garland to Infant Jesus, to get a good job. I didn't believe but I did as my friend told. Just came out from the church after the novena we were standing outside church I got a call from the school for interview. next day morning I appeared for the interview and that day itself I joined as teacher and by the blessing of Infant Jesus, continuing in my career and with great devotion to HIM. And it was a miracle.

From that time, every Thursdays we visit and pray at Infant Jesus Church. He has given me everything.Now i have nothing to ask, and I learned to pray, praying for others, those who ask me to pray for them, and praying for those who visit the church and seeks blessings from Infant Jesus, for their needs. We realized the Bible words (the living word of GOD) are more powerful to heal, heal the broken hearts, broken relationship, broken communities. It gives life to everyone. To reach everyone a BIBLE QUOTE daily we started a SMS channel, which will give everyone who subscribed, a Holy word of the day from BIBLE,  also church announcements, solemnities of the church, important news. We have started a community in Orkut, where me and the team pray for others who seeks intercessory prayers.  From this community I understood, there are people looking for a platform to pray online. This idea was re-confirmed with my Facebook page when I saw the fans are more from places, where prayers are banned. That inspired me to start this Blog. Besides all, we pray at home as family, for all those who ask help, blessings from Infant Jesus. Let HE bless everyone... who honor him, and He bless us!

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