Dear Devotee, Community Blog that share, pray for each other over web, will help you keep in touch with lord Infant Jesus. Follow us at twitter, and Facebook.


Webmaster's (my) good intention is to collect all the informations about Infant Jesus and put all together under a same domain. Every informations, video, images, links, Good Services in the name of Infant Jesus, Orkut community, prayers, SMS channels, are just as is got from the search engines.

"Go into all the World and proclaim the Good news to the World of creation. The one who believes and is baptized will be saved" (Mark 16:15)

As per above loving word of Jesus, a true devotee of Infant Jesus, I am trying to reach the world with this humble way... If anybody have suggestion, advice, objections kindly put below as comment. At the same time, I hope your co-operation and support to complete the loving word of Jesus....


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